How It Started

The idea for the charity came about in 2011 when Jonathan Powell, a former Army Officer,  and Rob Shepherd, an expert bookbinder, met and became firm friends.

Jonathan served for 40 years in the Army. He has seen active service and has worked all over the world. He is retired from the forces now and is Project Manager (unpaid) for the charity. His practical approach and military background, combined with a great sense of humour means he is uniquely placed to work alongside the veterans attending the courses.  He is highly motivated and wants to see as many veterans as possible acquire a new skill and to help them prepare for work in a civilian environment.

Rob Shepherd, the other half of the team, is committed to excellence and his expertise in bookbinding has led him to running a flourishing and world-renowned craft family business in London (Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd). However, he freely gives much of his spare time to support wounded, injured and sick veterans via the charity. He was himself a victim of childhood polio, meaning he spent his early years unable to walk. He is fully mobile now but has an innate understanding of what it is to be treated differently and how difficult times in life can be overcome with the right support, mind and skill set.

Together Rob and Jonathan took their idea of starting the charity, Bound by Veterans to the outside world and importantly gained the support of the a London livery company, the Stationers Foundation. In late 2011 and early 2012 a series of trial courses and discussions were held with veterans and rehabilitation experts at the MoD Personnel Recovery Centre at Tedworth House, located just down the road.

Following registration as a charity in late 2012, the Project moved to its permanent home in the Daffodil Barn. The barn houses our training courses and the equipment needed to produce the books we sell.