About Us

Bound by Veterans is a very small, but incredibly friendly and focused charity. We don’t have any paid staff.  Dedicated volunteers run the charity, with materials paid for by donations and sales of our beautifully produced handmade books.

Our Veterans produce exquisite, practical leather bound and marble bound books. Our leather bound books are made with water- and tear-resistant paper and have even been tested in the Burmese jungle for toughness. Buy one and you help support our work.

We aim to support WIS members and improve their health and well-being by using the extremely effective restorative and confidence-building qualities of manual bookbinding. WIS members benefit in several ways. These include bookbinding therapy gained through the concentration and hand-eye coordination that is required, and improved self-confidence through learning new skills in a commercial environment. To this can be added the increased self-esteem that the WIS members gain by creating attractive products that are sold to discerning customers around the world.

A lot of people make up the Bound by Veterans team. All of us – Patron, Supporters, Trustees, and Volunteers are all focused on one objective which is to ensure that our WIS members have the most effective and life-enhancing support possible. It really is that simple.