Training Courses

All our courses are FREE to WIS veterans. To apply for any of this training, or to find out more, simply e-mail us at or call the workshop on 01672 851979.

Introductory Lessons – We provide frequent introductory bookbinding lessons both at our home in the Daffodil Barn as well as at other locations such as Tedworth House. These last under two hours and are designed to give WIS veterans a taste of the basic skills and techniques we use, and a flavour of the tools and materials required for bookbinding. Every student goes away with a high-quality notebook that they will have made themselves. These sessions are great fun and very therapeutic, aiding both concentration and confidence.

Training Courses – We run a progressive series of courses in bookbinding that cater for the absolute beginner and cover all the skills needed to achieve a Level 3 City & Guilds certificate in bookbinding (for a list of the available courses, see our course list below. Courses are held in our own classroom at the Daffodil Barn, and are normally run as full-time 3-day or 5-day courses.

City & Guilds Awards – There is no requirement to apply for City & Guilds awards, but our members are automatically registered, and application for these nationally recognised qualifications is strongly encouraged. Courses and awards are available at Level 1, 2 and 3, and each course covers the syllabus of one City & Guilds “Unit”. By completing a Unit, a WIS member can achieve a single craft Award. For example, the successful completion of the Beginners’ Course (Unit 118) qualifies for a City & Guilds Award.

WIS members who wish to apply for a Certificate in Bookbinding simply need to complete the two Units for each Level and also one of our Craft Design courses. Awards and Qualifications are graded: at Pass, Merit and Distinction.


Jan 18
15-19 Jan C&G Unit 118 (Level 1)    cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
26 Jan Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Feb 18
5-9 Feb C&G  Unit 119 (Level 1)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
12-14 Feb Drop-back Box (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
19-23 Feb C&G Unit 220 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
23 Feb Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Mar 18
5-7 Mar C&G Unit 201/202 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
13-15 Mar Lift-off, Portfolio, Phase Box (Level 3)cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
19-23 Mar C&G Unit 221 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
23 Mar Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Apr 18
6-8 Apr Laced on Binding (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
23-27 Apr C&G Unit 118 (Level 1)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
27 Apr Introduction Daffodil Barn
May 18
4 May Leather Slipcase (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
7-8 May Paper Repairs (Level 3) – Optional  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
12-13 May Cloth Reback  (Level 3) – Optional  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
17-18 May Gold Finishing (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
21-25 May C&G Unit 119 (Level 1)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
25 May Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Jun 18
8 Jun Edge Decoration (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
11-13 Jun C&G Unit 201/202 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
16-18 Jun Leather Repack (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
22-24 Jun 1/4 Vellum Binding (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
29 Jun Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Jul 18
9-14 Jul C&G Unit 220 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
16-20 Jul 1/4 Leather Drop Back Box (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
27 Jul Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Sep 18
4 Sep Laced Vellum (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
10-14 Sep C&G Unit 118 (Level 1)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
19-20 Sep Library Binding (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
24-28 Sep C&G Unit 221 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
28  Sep Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Oct 18
1-3 Oct Drop-back Bpx & Folder (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
15-19 Oct C&G Unit 119 (Level 1)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
26 Oct Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Nov 18
7-9 Nov C&G Unit 201/202 (Level 2)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
13-15 Nov Lift-off, Portfolio, Phase Box (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
30 Nov Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)
Dec 18
7-9 Dec Laced-on Binding (Level 3)  cityandguilds Daffodil Barn
21 Dec Introduction Tedworth House (Avon Rm)