Waitrose Supports BBV

A once only opportunity for the

Bound by Veterans Charity (BBV)

During the month of MAY only the Marlborough branch of Waitrose has selected to support “Bound by Veterans” through the “Community Matters Scheme”.

Can you help by buying something at Waitrose in May and giving BBV your token? 

As I am sure you know several of the main supermarkets have a scheme where they donate money to selected local charities

How does the scheme work?

Each customer is given a token at the checkout and then places it in the box for the charity of their choice.  At the end of the month all the tokens are counted and the allocated fund is split between the three chosen charities. The more tokens that are collected the more money the charity will receive. A charity can only apply once to this scheme.

Waitrose in Marlborough

17 High Street